More of 4.600 People are addressed during 'Tentacles Action' to combat crime in Manaus

Ten people were arrested during the second round of action.
14/01/2020 16h01 - Updated 14/01/2020 17h49

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With effective approximately 180 cops, the Amazon Military Police (PMAM) He continued the "Tentacles Action" on the night of Monday (13/01). The action was coordinated by the Metropolitan Policing Command (CPM), who performed the approach 4.617 people in police barriers.

The transaction strengthens the fight against crime at strategic points neighborhoods of the northern areas, south and east of the capital of Amazonas. altogether, 939 motorcycles, 905 cars and 48 buses were addressed. Ten people were arrested during the second round of action.

"The Department of Public Safety, the Military Police and Civil Police received the order of the State Government so that we would combat crime, or drug trafficking, and our goal is to reduce rates ", said Lt. Col. Auzier, subcomandante do CPM.

The operation mobilized 30 Companies Interactive Community (IDPF's), the Policing Command Areas and battalions, as Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam), the Tactical Force and the Environmental Battalion. approaches, arrests and seizures follow throughout the week.

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