Marcelo D2 is terminated by asking Nazi symbol tattooed “right in the forehead "

It should be called to provide information to the police.
21/01/2020 18h42 - Updated 21/01/2020 18h42

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The singer Marcelo D2 was denounced for inciting crime by State Representative Marcio Gualberto (PAGE). The MP recorded at the 34th an occurrence DP (Bangu) after the artist post on his Twitter defending that was made a tattoo of swastika (main symbol by which the Nazis became known) on the forehead of people who identify themselves as "liberal right". The information is the newspaper O Globo.

The publication was made on Friday, to 19h54: "Right liberal is the C #[email protected]*%O, arrives ... I had to do a swastika on the forehead of each of these ... ". Later, the singer said the publication itself pointing out that the mark should be made with knife.

"It is a very serious and irresponsible attitude of the singer Marcelo D2. What will be his next step: sending his followers, using a knife, draw a sickle and hammer on the forehead of those who are not left as it?”, He asked the deputy in an interview with O Globo.

No Twitter, the publication had over 1.200 shares and over 11 tanned thousand. In the police report, deputy points out that the artist has more than 1 million followers on the social network and, In so many cases, he is regarded as an idol or mentor. Gualberto also shows that the post can take "extreme and higher dimensions".

Until now, the rapper Marcelo D2 did not comment. It should be called to provide information to the police. The article 286 the Penal Code, says incite, publicly, the practice of crime can be worth as detention, three to six months, or fine.

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