Military has torn back by boat propeller during persecution of miners

O Exército classificou a situação como como “extremamente grave”.
14/01/2020 14h26 - Updated 15/01/2020 12h48

Photo: disclosure / Brazilian army

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An Army cable had serious holes in the back during a chase the miners occurred in the river Uraricoera, Earth Indigenous Yanomami, Roraima, in last Saturday night's (11). He underwent surgery and remains stable, admitted to a local hospital. Beyond, a soldier also was injured in the face.

According to a spokesperson of the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade confusion occurred when three vessels with miners tried to go up the river without going through the army checkpoint. For TACKLES-the, military personnel in two boats followed the boats. Also according to the Army, the miners accelerated and intentionally crashed their boats against the inspection of boats.

Or out, the military said, fell in the water, hit the outboard propeller of miners and had cuts and a serious drilling on coast. O soldado, wounded in the face, He was also thrown into the river. After the action, the miners fled. The two soldiers were taken by helicopter to Boa Vista, which are under medical care.

The episode occurred two days after 15 miners were arrested by the army when they tried to enter the Yanomami Indigenous Land by the river Mucajaí with illegal mining materials. Six boats were seized in action and miners injured.

“In addition to the shock [against boats], the miners who manned the boats we used wooden sticks, normally used for anchorage control and verification of the depth in the navigation, to achieve the military that made the approach”, the army said in a statement that described the situation as as “extremely serious”.

The command of the Force determined the establishment of military police inquiry to determine the “criminal responsibility of miners”, and identification and arrest of the accused operations.

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