A resident of Itacoatiara disappears after leaving Manaus in search of job opportunities in mining

The woman came to Manaus to visit her son who is trapped but failed as he was without a required document.
16/01/2020 17h19 - Updated 17/01/2020 13h20

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Valdevania Ferreira Ribeiro, 40, It has been missing since the morning of 9 January this year. As her cousin, Bruno de Souza, the woman lives in Itacoatiara, however, I was staying with a friend, located on the street Apodi, Colony neighborhood Newfoundland, north of Manaus. Valdevania came to Manaus to visit her son who is trapped in a prison unit, but it failed as he was without a document.

Bruno reported, still, the woman returned to the house where he was and went out on that date, informing to the housewife who would travel by boat to the town of Alenquer, State of Para, in order to achieve the necessary document to carry out a visit to her son.

According to noticiante, the woman also reported that a friend would have made her an invitation to work as a cook in a mining, therefore, Valdevania just came out with some clothes and left the belongings and personal documents in her friend's house where she was staying. Since then, family members have not heard about it.

Who can collaborate with information about the case, contact the servers of the Police Order of Specialized Social and Political (Deops) the number (92) 3214-2268. To speak with missing relatives, call the number (92) 99223-9607.

The Deops is situated on the premises of the General Police, located on Avenida Pedro Teixeira, No 180, Dom Pedro neighborhood, opposite the Convention Center Teacher Gilberto Mestrinho (Sambadrome), midwestern town.

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