Woman sentenced for theft and minor corruption is stuck in Tancredo Neves

She and a minor approached a woman and assaulted in 2017.
15/01/2020 15h19 - Updated 15/01/2020 17h25

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The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the research team of the 14th Integrated Police District (DIP), under the coordination of the delegate Christiano Castilho, holder of the police unit, pre-trial detention warrant, because of conviction, on Wednesday morning (15/01), por volta the 9h, on behalf of Lanessa dos Santos Monteiro, 26. The offender was convicted of theft and less corruption, occurred in 2017.

According to the police authority, the woman was arrested in the street Venezuela, Nova Conquista community, Tancredo Neves, area east of the capital. At the time of the crime, Lanessa and a minor approached a woman and assaulted. Violators subtracted the stock exchange and the mobile phone of the victim. The lady approached a car Military Police, passing the place moments after the robbery, police tracked the stolen cell phone and reached the offending, that was assessed in the act of theft.

"The warrant was issued on 26 September 2018, by Judge José Saraiva dos Santos Hamilton, issued by the First Chamber of the Criminal Court of the State of Amazonas Justice. After we receive anonymous reports, We left in steps seeking Lanessa, we were successful and we have made the arrest of the violator ", said Castilho.

Lanessa was convicted of theft and less corruption. At the end of the procedures in the police unit, it will be taken into custody hearing, in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, south of the city.

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