Netflix and Producer of the Funds port receive other action in court

A ação quer que a plataforma retire o filme do catálogo.
24/01/2020 11h08 - Updated 24/01/2020 11h08

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The Christian organization the Lord Planet Temple, created in 2018, He filed suit against Netflix and the Funds Port producer because of the Christmas Special: The First Temptation of Christ. The request was sent to the Court of Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday (22).

According to the lawyer Anselmo Ferreira de Melo da Costa, founder and representative of the denomination, the film is not only an affront to Christians, but a threat to society.

Or order, a civil action, asks the comedy group is summoned by the courts to answer for breaking the Constitution and religious intolerance. And you want to remove the platform movie catalog.

Also requested corrections Union and the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) not watch over the Federal Constitution.

- It is the duty of the Bar Association and the Union ensure the maintenance of public order and values ​​of our society. Liberty consists in being able to do whatever does not harm another person, which is not the case of this film, which seeks only to confront and cause destabilization in society. We are fighting for the rights of all Brazilians before the competent legal spheres - points text.

The case is pending transit judged at the 24th Civil Court. He is under the case number 0009431-55.2020.8.19.0001.

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