New minimum wage takes effect in February

Value was set by the government in R $ 1.045 begins to assert Saturday (1º).
31/01/2020 16h58 - Updated 1/02/2020 11h49

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It takes effect tomorrow (1Th February) the new minimum wage. The provisional measure fixing at $ 1.045 the minimum wage was published in the Official Gazette of today's Union (31). According to the MP, the daily minimum wage will be around R $ 34,83; and hourly, R $ 4,75.

Estimates released by the government show that every $ 1 the most in the minimum wage results in an increase of R $ 355,5 million in public expenditure. altogether, the readjustment of the minimum wage of R $ 1.039 to R $ 1.045 will impact of R $ 2,13 billion to the government this year. This is because the minimum is linked to 80% of Social Security benefits, besides correcting the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC), salary bonuses and unemployment insurance, among others.

Besides that, there is an impact of R $ 1,5 billion due to the increase in the minimum wage in relation to the original value sent in the Budget 2020, R $ 1.031.

Until last year, the minimum wage adjustment policy, passed into law, It provided for a correction for inflation plus the change in Gross Domestic Product (START, sum of goods and services produced in the country).

This model was in force between 2011 e 2019. however, there was not always real increase in this period because the country's GDP, in 2015 e 2016, registered fall, with falling 7% accumulated in these two years.

Last week, Special Secretary of Finance of the Ministry of Economy, Waldery Rodrigues, He reported that the bill with the new minimum wage correction policy will include a change in the period used to define the adjustments.

According to him, instead of the Consumer Price Index (INPC) last year closed, January-December, the government intends to use the index between December last year and November of the current year to calculate the minimum amount for 2021.

Rodrigues added that the measure aims to prevent situations like this year, where the minimum wage was first adjusted to R $ 1.039 and then increased to R $ 1.045, because the rise in meat prices did INPC end the year than planned.

The system is similar to the spending ceiling, in which the government uses the National Broad Consumer Price Index (HICP) July last year to June of the current year to fix the limit of federal expenditure for the following year. according to Rodrigues, the change will have little practical impact on the final value of the minimum wage, but will give more transparency to the adjustments and more predictability for the government and for workers.

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