Sewage Treatment Plant Works in neighborhood Educandos advance 25%

O objetivo é fazer a correta captação de efluentes que saem das casas para melhorar o abastecimento nessas localidades e reduzir o índice de poluição nas águas do Rio Negro.
16/01/2020 11h47 - Updated 16/01/2020 17h36

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The construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant (SUMMER) in the neighborhood of Educandos, area south of Manaus, it is with 25% execution and, this week, They are receiving the first stage of concreting the side, where they will be installed tanks forming part of a stage of the sewage treatment. The construction of the WWTP belongs to the Social and Environmental Program of Manaus Igarapés (Prosamim) e faz parte de um conjunto de obras de saneamento básico na Bacia do São Raimundo, which includes deploying 24 kilometers of sewage collection networks built in the districts of Aparecida, St. Anthony, São Raimundo, Glory and Central.

In this new construction, It was performed concreting where they will be installed biological tanks that are responsible for the first stage of treatment. These tanks are the ones who will receive the sewage from residences that reaches the ETE, and in them there will be a process called aeration, consisting of an air injection.

TEE in the neighborhood Educandos aims to make the correct capture of effluents coming out of the houses to improve supply in these locations and reduce the pollution index in the Rio Negro waters. It is being built in the same place where there was a preconditioning station (EPC), built in the 1970, and held a preliminary treatment of sewage removing the solid waste from sewage effluents before they are sent to the river.

"The construction of the WWTP will represent a breakthrough with regard to the collection and treatment of sewage in Manaus, it will prevent the sewage over 130 thousand people living in the west to be poured in the basin of São Raimundo and Rio Negro without proper treatment ", He emphasized the executive coordinator of the Management Special Projects Unit (UGPE), Marcellus Campêlo.

concreting - On the last day 14 from December, Sewage Treatment Plant received the concrete that will form the basis for the construction of ETE. From this base is that it will be erected around the rest of the structure, as well as equipment and machinery necessary for the treatment of wastewater from homes.

sanitation works – The sewerage system consists of 24 kilometers of sewage collection networks of neighborhoods of São Raimundo Basin, which are interconnected in homes, whose initial destination are six pumping sewage that are distributed in the main districts of southern and west. These lifts are responsible for sending the effluent, through modern pumps, to its final destination, which will be at ETE.

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