Military police and firefighters AM will earn allowance uniforms of R $ 2.745 one thousand, governor announces

O benefício será pago no mês de aniversário do policial e tem a proposta de custear os gastos com uniformes para o trabalho.
17/01/2020 16h14 - Updated 18/01/2020 16h20

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The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, announced, this Friday (17/01), the General Command of the Military Police, payment of the aid-uniforms for police and military firefighters. The benefit, R $ 2.745 one thousand, It will be paid at the police birthday month.

The allowance has proposed to fund spending on uniforms for work. With the feature available on the paycheck, police and firefighters can buy the operational and administrative uniforms, boots, beret and accessories like belt and holster. Statewide, 8,6 thousand police officers and about 700 firefighters will be fitted with the measure.

"It was taken last year commitment and means dignity, respect and recognition of the work that is done daily by police, they often leave their families to ensure the peace and security of society ", said the governor. Wilson Lima stressed that the allowance is part of measures to enhance the category and reflecting positive results, as reducing 5,9% in homicides, 25% of robberies and 6,5% of robberies in 2019.

The commanding general of the Amazon Military Police (PMAM), Colonel North Ayrton Ferreira, He pointed out that the aid-uniform is the result of commitment to the corporation. "The troop receives this news with happiness. It is an appreciation of the police measure. A gain that reward them with quality work and from now, the police will be on the street with the uniform that reflects the care that the military police have with society ", secured the commanding general.

Before, the State Government acquired the uniforms by bidding, process that generated costs and obstacles presented. Between 2011 e 2017, the troop was without receiving uniforms for bidding or through allowance. When he took office, in 2019, Wilson Lima found the state budget, approved the previous administration, no forecast for the payment of aid, but promised to resolve the issue. With the measure announced on Friday, the aid becomes permanent for years to come.

Seizure of weapons
The project for the payment of benefit for seizure of firearms for police is in the final adjustments to the General Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Finance, as governor ad. Every gun seized, the police will receive a bonus ranging from R $ 300 and R $ 1 one thousand, according to the caliber weapons. It is expected that the payment is made from February.

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