First edition of 'Fish on Plate' in 2020 It has citizenship actions in partnership with Sejusc

Foram comercializadas aproximadamente 1,2 tons of popular fish and issued thousand documents.
15/01/2020 12h08 - Updated 15/01/2020 12h53

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The Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat of Rural Production (Sepror) and its related (Execution, Adaf e ADS), held on the morning of Wednesday (15/01) the 6th edition of the "Fish in Prato", with sale of fish and vegetables at affordable prices and good citizens, in partnership with the State Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc). The first issue of the year took place on the street Rio Maicuru, Set Live Better I, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, north of Manaus, which they were commercialized about 1,2 tons of popular fish and issued thousand documents.

This edition of the program, run by Assistant Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sepa / Sepror), He offered to set the locals I Live Better and area the opportunity to purchase fish like Tambaqui roelo, tambaqui curumim and management pirarucu, as 1.500 vegetable bags, with items of family farming as parsley, lemon, gherkin and hot peppers, fruit and a delicious breakfast. Product prices ranging from R $ 1 a R$ 35.

The secretary of Sepror, Petrucio Magalhaes Junior, He confirmed that the show will continue roaming in different districts of the city, to each 15 days. "This was the first fair 2020 and it happened for the first time here at this location. Successfully, it offers in addition to the fresh fish, fruits and vegetables to the population. also we offer, by Sejusc, the issuance of documents, as ID and birth certificate. It was a very special moment for the people of the north ", He stressed.

Participating for the first time the "Fish in Prato", the piscicultora Rosimeire Pedrosa, working five years ago with the creation of fish in San Francisco Chacara, located on the road Balbina, He said he was happy with the whole movement.

"This government action has benefited us quite, as well as help the population, because the product does not pass through middleman, so prices are lower for the consumer and we all win with this ", highlighted.

To the Executive Secretary of Sepa / Sepror, Leocy Cutrim, actions demonstrate that the agency is out of the offices to take over citizenship and quality of life to the Amazonian people.

"That's what the people want. We can no longer we stay away from people. So, the Government of Amazonas, through this action, comes to bring the fish, greenery and citizenship to the population, thank God fell into the graces of the public ", commented.

The next edition of "Fish in the dish" already has definite date and should take place on 8 of February, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, area east of Manaus.

Citizenship – While editing this Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), through the project "CAP Moving", He held the issuance of identity cards, 1ª e 2ª vias, and 2nd copy of birth certificates. altogether, were over a thousand emissions, between calls and registrations.

"The basic document gives access to numerous social benefits, as well as education and health, for example. Through projects such as the 'CAP Moving', we are approaching the population the offer of citizenship. The partnership between secretariats, a determination of the governor Wilson Lima, It is also key to the success of actions ", He highlighted the Secretary Sejusc, Caroline Braz.

The issuance of documents to people registered on Wednesday (15/01) It happens until next Saturday (18/01), at the same place.

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