Retired attorney is shot during a robbery in the Manaus city hall

The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, He lamented the lack of security.
24/01/2020 18h07 - Updated 25/01/2020 15h55

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Retired prosecutor Helena Rejane Pinheiro Cabral dos Anjos, 72, He was robbed and shot, by two bandits, in the arm when leaving an existing bank branch at the headquarters of Manaus Prefecture, Compensates neighborhood, West zone, on the morning of Friday, 24/1. The criminals fled the scene, with the victim's purse, for unidentified motorcycle plate.

Average, ten municipal guards act, per turn, in property security headquarters Manaus Prefecture. It was the very Municipal Guard that triggered the Service Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU 192), who quickly arrived at the scene, and also the military police, que em poucos minutos enviou uma viatura e policiais da 8ª Companhia Interativa Comunitária (IDPF).

A Polícia Militar informou que atendeu ao chamado pelo 190, e as equipes policiais da 8ª Companhia Interativa Comunitária (IDPF) realizaram buscas pelo local, mas não conseguiram localizar nenhum suspeito.

Por volta das 11h desta sexta-feira, a procuradora foi até à agência bancária que fica dentro da sede da Prefeitura. Ao sair do prédio, no momento em que estava se deslocando até o seu veículo, foi abordada por um homem que anunciou o assalto. A vítima foi atingida com um disparo de arma de fogo no braço esquerdo.

O infrator e um comparsa, que o aguardava em uma motocicleta, fugiram levando a bolsa com os pertences da vítima e um valor em dinheiro não especificado. Police did not rule out the possibility of a third element to be involved in crime. The Samu provided first aid to the prosecutor and led her to a hospital in the south-central zone. The state of her health is stable.

mayor regrets
The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, deplored the assault occurred. "I'm amazed! If stormed the city today, tomorrow may be the seat of the State Government. The point that we!”, He said the mayor of insecurity experienced in the capital. "They are losing the limit. We have many social problems, but long ago it was unthinkable to rob a church, for example. This limit has been lost in these wars of factions and the need, that is not being fulfilled, to have a strong public security policy " ', completed Arthur Neto.

"We stand in solidarity, my wife Elisabeth and I Valeiko Ribeiro, with our server and put at the disposal of the family to provide all necessary assistance. Thank God, she is not at risk of death and expect responses from the competent bodies ", concluded the Mayor.

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