Fourteen people were arrested for involvement in the lynching and dismemberment of stuck in Fonte Boa

Nine acted directly in the death and burning of the prisoner's body.
27/01/2020 10h14 - Updated 27/01/2020 17h24

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More of 40 people involved in the attack on the 55th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP), in Fonte Boa, to lynch and dismembering a rape suspect detained have been identified and indicted by Amazon Civil Police. This weekend, the remand warrants were served in 14 people for participation in the event. Nine acted directly in the death and burning of the prisoner's body.

The civilian police task force, investigating the criminal attack, has the delegates command Rodrigo Torres and José Afonso Barradas. They also coordinated an operation that, this Sunday (26/01), He made the transfer of prisoners of Fonte Boa. The integrated work involved teams of the 3rd Battalion of the Middle Solimões Military Police, but police civilians Beast Group, and other members of the Civil Police and Military.

of the transferred, nine came to the prison system, In Manaus, and five were taken to the Prison Unit Tefé. Six other individuals, already identified for participation in crime, had issued the remand warrants, but they fled the city and are now considered fugitives from justice.

Until now, investigations have raised evidence of the participation of 40 people registered in the attack the police station in Fonte Boa, where a man arrested for rape was lynched, dismembered and burned in the street. in the event, recorded on 17 from January, the building of the 55th DIP was damaged and completely destroyed three police cars.

According or delegate Rodrigo Torres, all police officers at the scene, on the offense, They were heard. Crime videos were used to identify offenders. Torres stressed, still, all 14 arrested during the police action have extensive criminal records, for crimes such as murder, robbery, drug traffic, theft, serious bodily injury, among others.

According to the delegate José Afonso Barradas, the nine transferred to Manaus are those who have done the murder and dismemberment of the prisoner, and the other five have participated in the destruction of public property. Among the persons identified in the participation in crime, there are two women who were arrested.

Nine prisoners were charged with aggravated murder, vilification of body, damage to public property, criminal association and inciting crime. The other five people will answer for criminal association, damage to public property and inciting crime.

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