Seduc-AM offer postgraduate courses for teachers of the state

Pasta incentiva pelo menos 4,2 mil docentes a participarem dos cursos em parceria com Instituições de Ensino Superior (IES).
21/01/2020 17h47 - Updated 21/01/2020 17h47

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There is no talk of quality education without citing continuing education policy for teachers of the State Department of Education and Sports, responsible for improving the development of research and scientific production in the state education. The policy does not only cause a great impact on the quality of teaching and learning in schools, but also gives these teachers the salary increase and job promotion.

In 2019, at least 4.200 teachers participate in postgraduate courses offered by the department, through the Vocational Training Center Padre Jose Anchieta (Cepan) - in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (IES).

The continuing education of teachers, seen as a permanent process of improvement of the knowledge required of the teaching activity, It is, today, one of the pillars of the National Curriculum Common Base (BNCC), what, as well as defining the essential knowledge that all students of basic education have the right to learn, prioritizes the initial and continuing teacher.

With this, from the year 2018 e 2019, vacancies were offered in the Post-Graduation Course Lato Sensu, and 2.100 specialization in Digital Literacy and 2.100 specialization in Methodology of Mathematics in Basic Education. As for Postgraduate courses stricto sensu, They were offered 90 vacancies: and 30 the Masters in Education, 30 in MA in Geography and 30 in master's degree in Letters.

Vacancies directly influence the quality of teaching in classrooms, transforming the teacher in one of the main actors of social intervention, through their profession. The Master's degree in Education Lena Rose Lake Cecílio Farias, who joined in progress 2018, account how much the expectations reflected in new methodologies that can be taken students.

"I believe that investing in educators' knowledge update is crucial for improving education, it influences directly into new methodologies and materials that will enrich the lessons. This all makes the day to day in the classroom ", said.

A teacher explains that, after finishing the course, must return their work for Special Education. "I finish my course 2020 e, thenceforth, I intend to develop my activities for Special Education, in order to contribute to the comprehensive development aimed at valuing differences and diversity ", account Lena Rose.

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Nilton Munhoz, that pursuing Masters in Geography, It points out that the participation of the teacher in graduate courses and masters directly influences the teaching process student learning. "Knowledge is a very powerful weapon, and only it can change realities. Logo, by providing new ways to develop the disciplines with a richer and more meaningful content, this is reflected in the results obtained by students ", he emphasized.

The Partnerships Manager for Vocational Training (GPFP), Adriana Boh, states that, at the end of the courses, teachers can request a salary increase. "In addition to contributing to the development of the quality of educational processes, it is up to servers, still, the promotion of jobs in line with the Plan of Positions and Salaries 2013 (Bill 349/201)”, said.

According to manager, in 2020, the prospect of Cepan is offering about 7 thousand jobs in the Graduate Lato Sensu in specialized courses in Special Education, Literacy and Literacy, Foreign languages: English and Spanish, PE, and Management of Curriculum and Educational Practices.

"We plan to offer still about 200 vacancies Graduate Sensu stricto Masters Courses in History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science and Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Education and Science in the Amazon, and Regulation of Water Resources. All these courses will have an impact on the quality of teaching and learning process in schools ", highlights.

As an initial training, to expectation or offer will be for Intercultural Indigenous Degree Course, with 30 vacancies.

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