Silas Malafaia detonates pastor Deive by Leonardo praise the Father Fabio de Melo

For him, you can not “make fun of those who worship idols and who has made criticism of the Evangelical Church”.
14/01/2020 12h41 - Updated 14/01/2020 18h03

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After the pastor and youtuber Deive praise Leonardo Fabio de Melo priest publication on social networks, the leader of the Assembly of God Victory in Christ (ADVEC), Silas Malafaia, did not like the attitude and used their social networks to criticize.

“We, evangelicals, We criticize the Back Door. But, the front door, esculhambando are our principles. Now, [comes] one evangelical kids youtuber, [e] turned modinha be close to famous, praise and, the most chutzpah, breaking principles. They do not know what principle. Principles are non-negotiable standards of God. They are confusing principles with love. Let me say one thing to you. non-negotiable principles of the gospel: Idolatry, has no bargaining, either the Old or New Testament”, shot Malafaia.

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In the publication Fabio de Melo said Deive "has a lot to offer", and he returned stating that "the brightness of Jesus is shining" the priest.

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Num tempo em que o evangelho tem sido comumente usado como benefício pessoal, renova-nos encontrar e conhecer quem Nele encontra motivos para tornar o mundo um lugar melhor. No nosso encontro às nossas diferenças não prevaleceram. O que prevaleceu foi a sinceridade com quem reconhecemos os erros que cometemos, quando nos deixamos levar pela desamor. Não costumo errar. Este menino tem muito o que oferecer. No doubt, Jesus diria pra ele o mesmo que disse para Natanael: “Eis um verdadeiro israelita, in whom is no guile. "Dear @deiveleonardo, may God continue renewing its authenticity, their sincere desire to sprinkle the world with preaching lucid, love and kindness. Note: my dear, some people have commented on an episode of Deive speaking of Our Lady evil. I confess I did not know. As soon as people began to comment, he called me, telling what happened. You see, I am no believer in collective crucifixion, contempt and virtual attack people who err. I am fan of the approach that allows us to reflection, thought. I never forget the following: The Apostle Paul was a great persecutor of Christianity. After his conversion, He became largely responsible for the theoretical formulation of the Christian foundations. I'm not saying Deive become Catholic, no. But now, being friends with a priest, You can better understand all that relates to Catholicism. I've also messed up. I made a joke that sounded offensive to religions of black matrices. I asked for forgiveness, I made sure to portray me and join me in the fight against religious intolerance. I do not know or want to live otherwise. Jesus was also criticized by friends who had. To those who think wrong our meeting, also respect. Among crucify and welcome, I always get the second option.

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