Silas Malafaia says abstinence is a family matter and not public policy or State

O pastor reforçou que cabe aos pais ensinar os filhos a não pular etapas e a não praticar sexo na adolescência.
24/01/2020 12h16 - Updated 24/01/2020 12h16

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Pastor Silas Malafaia believes that sexual abstinence is an issue that should be treated in the home environment and not become the subject of public policy or State. Although this is an idea of ​​Damares Alves minister to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy, Malafaia questions how schools, who are "infested esquerdopatas", They will make the approach with students.

- Do not want to teach about sex, They want to teach about ideology, They mean that boy can fuck boy. There begins the banditry and vagrancy - Silas said the newspaper O Globo.

The leader of the Assembly of God Victory in Christ said it is the duty of the family to instruct that all have in life has its time and its time. Malafaia stressed that it is up to parents to teach children not to skip steps and no sex in adolescence.

- We, evangelicals, We teach our young, the evangelical church, to abstain and wait for the right time because it was not the devil that made sex. We believe. I do not want others, who do not have my principle, I believe what I believe. These are our principles.

Source: Pleno.News

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