DPVAT site for the refund starts work today

The refund of the difference of the values ​​will be directly in the current account or the vehicle owner's savings.
15/01/2020 07h34 - Updated 15/01/2020 07h34

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Starts running from today (15) the site so that vehicle owners who are entitled to a refund of amounts paid to more secure DPVAT 2020 (acronym for Personal Injury by Motor Vehicles Land Routes).

According to the insurer Leader, but of 1,9 million vehicles in Brazil are able to receive payment of the refund. The deadline to request the amount paid is the most by the end of the year 2020.

Most vehicles is concentrated in São Paulo, where more than 900 thousand should get back what was paid the most.

Then, appear Minas Gerais, over 300 thousand vehicles, and Rio Grande do Sul, over 200 thousand vehicles. Smaller fleets are in Roraima, over 2 one thousand, and Acre, over 3 thousand vehicles.

The refund was announced last week by the insurer, responsible for the safe management, after the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Minister Dias Toffoli, have gone back and welcomed government's request to extinguish his own injunction, reducing the amounts of compulsory insurance DPVAT.

The request to receive the amounts paid more must be done by accessing the secure site. The refund of the difference of the values ​​will be directly in the current account or the vehicle owner's savings.

To make the request, vehicle owners should inform the CPF (Registration of Individuals) or CNPJ (Register of Legal Entities) owner; Renavam vehicle; value payment; date on which the overpayment was made; Bank data (Bank, Agency and checking account or savings owner); email contact and telephone number.

“By submitting the request, the owner will receive a number of protocol for the monitoring of the refund, on the same site. After registration, the refund will be processed within two business days, depending only on the bank clearing to the finish”, He informed the insurer.

She said the site will only receive applications for refund of difference amounts paid relating to insurance DPVAT 2020. If the owner has paid the insurance 2020 two or more times, the request must be made by accessing another page. Already owners of vehicle fleets should send email to: [email protected]


Insurance data show that Leader, in 2019, They were paid over 353 Insurance indemnities thousand DPVAT nationwide.

Of this total, 235.456 cases refer to permanent disability compensation, followed by reimbursements with medical expenses, They totaling more than 77 thousand payments. Already cases death coverage totaled 40.721 compensation to the families of victims of traffic accidents.

Motorcycles follow as featured in claims paid by DPVAT. According to data, these vehicles accounted for 77% of claims paid in 2019.

Between the profile of most victims compensated, men follow concentrating the largest number of insurance payments, with 75% do total.

“The age group most affected in the period was the economically active, from 18 a 34 years, with 46% the severance period, It is over 163 thousand payments. The drivers received 57% of total payments, being that 89% were motorcyclists. Pedestrians were the victims in more than compensated 106 thousand applications Insurance DPVAT”, He informed the insurer

Check the total number of vehicles by state able to receive the refund:

Acre – More of 3 thousand vehicles
Alagoas – but of 5 thousand vehicles
Amazon – but of 8 thousand vehicles
Amapá – over a thousand vehicles
Bahia – but of 27 thousand vehicles
Ceará – but of 50 thousand vehicles
federal District – but of 20 thousand vehicles
Holy Spirit – but of 10 thousand vehicles
Goiás – but of 27 thousand vehicles
Maranhão – but of 13 thousand vehicles
Minas Gerais – but of 310 thousand vehicles
Mato Grosso do Sul – but of 12 thousand vehicles
Mato Grosso – but of 22 thousand vehicles
For – but of 6 thousand vehicles
Paraíba – but of 9 thousand vehicles
Pernambuco – but of 32 thousand vehicles
Piauí – but of 6 thousand vehicles
Paraná – but of 100 thousand vehicles
Rio de Janeiro – but of 52 thousand vehicles
large northern river – but of 14 thousand vehicles
Rondônia – but of 8 thousand vehicles
Roraima – but of 2 thousand vehicles
Rio Grande do Sul – but of 215 thousand vehicles
Santa Catarina – but of 65 thousand vehicles
Sergipe – but of 6 thousand vehicles
Sao Paulo – but of 900 thousand vehicles
Tocantins – but of 5 thousand vehicles

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