Outsourced UEA runs shots inside the house in the North Zone of Manaus

Seis criminosos com o rosto coberto, invadiram a residência e crivaram a vítima de bala.
15/01/2020 10h40 - Updated 15/01/2020 15h53

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A man, identified as Fabricio Martins Sias, from 27 years, He was killed with several shots late on Tuesday (14), street Santarém, Colony neighborhood Newfoundland, North Zone of Manaus.

As the victim's wife reported, six criminals with his face covered, They stormed the residence and the victim's body riddled with bullets. They shot at her, but it has not been reached. Fabrício era funcionário terceirizado da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA).

In the same locality, a young man identified as Jonas Freitas, from 22 years, It was also targeted, and taken to the Hospital Delphina Aziz, and the police are investigating whether the crimes were committed by the same person.

A Forensic Institute staff (IML) He made the removal of the body and the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) investigates or case.

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