Thammy Gretchen charges explanations after Carlos Bolsonaro published two pictures of his family on Twitter

Thammy said he did not want to be unfair and asks alderman position.
16/01/2020 09h28 - Updated 16/01/2020 11h22

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Thammy Miranda, who recently became the father of her 1st child, Bento, He used his Instagram on Tuesday, 14, to charge a clarification Carlos Bolsonaro, councilor in Rio de Janeiro and the president's son Jair Bolsonaro.

In the last days 11 e 12, Carlos Bolsonaro used his Twitter to post photos of Thammy next to his wife, Andressa Ferreira, and your son, Bento, no caption or comment.

“I want to know what the intention of this post. As you did not put legend and I do not know you, I do not know the intention of the post. For example, if a friend of mine I know the intention. Your I do not know, like a positioning your”, asked Thammy.

In sequence, questioned: “If as a tribute, I want to come here again and thank you and be very happy that the lack of prejudice won. We will be breaking another barrier”.

“If you tell me 'was a form of prejudice, Did you even make fun, Twitter is mine and I do what I want ', then I would sue you. How not want to be unfair – and I will not be – I want to charge a positioning your”, continued.

Thammy also spoke about the arrival of Benedict: “My son was just born, It has only five days and does not deserve to go through any kind of joke without grace, preconception. Just arrived in this world and it is an enlightened being”.

The E + sought contact with Carlos Bolsonaro but did not return until the publication of this report.

Check out the posts made by Carlos Bolsonaro and video in which Thammy Miranda snake explanations Alderman:

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