Fans protest possible hiring goalkeeper Bruno by Workers

The sound of drums and posters, protesters shouted “who hires a feminicida supports femicide”.
22/01/2020 09h40 - Updated 22/01/2020 09h40

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Women and men held late on Tuesday (21) demonstration against the possible hiring of former- goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes, from 35 years, the Worker-MT, confirmed at the last second. Bruno was convicted in the mining Justice over 20 years for kidnapping, murder and concealment of a corpse of ex-girlfriend and model Eliza Samudio.

The act took place at the entrance of the Municipal Stadium said Souza, Várzea Grande, metropolitan region of Cuiabá, before and during the Worker's game against Poconé in Mato Grosso Championship 2020. The sound of drums and posters, protesters shouted “who hires a feminicida supports femicide”. Meanwhile, a sound car gave support to the demonstrators and circled slowly around the stadium.

The prosecutor of the State and President of the Women's State Council, glaucia Amaral, He said that the act was not against the rehabilitation of Bruno, but “against his return to idol status”. according to Glaucia, the demonstrations against the signing of goalkeeper does not end with the act in front of the stadium in Várzea Grande. “We will make other interventions”, anticipated. The board requested a meeting with the club officers, but not yet received an answer.

But the vice president of the organized supporters of the Young Workers' Force, Lonerado Castro, He said it would not issue an opinion on the hiring of Bruno, but “support team, regardless of who views the club shirt”. According to him, a “history of the club is beautiful and will not be harmed because the Worker is greater than the player”.

Campaign on social networks against hiring Bruno already started to show its first effects with sponsors of Mato Grosso Championship. Two of them, the credit union Sicredi and Eletromóveis Martinello, disavowed the use of its brands in the uniform of the club.

The Sicredi, although informed in a note that does not comment on the signings of players made by clubs, justified the “brand exposure on Workers Club T does not occur in the light of our brand strategy”.

Also note, Martinello clarified that it is not its role or right to intervene in the administrative decisions of the participants of the championship teams, but that will not allow, “although by virtue of judicial measures, the worker team Football Club is linked to our company using uniform containing our brand or to grant interviews in front of the panel with our brand, while holding the decision to integrate its framework former athlete in question”.

The State Council of Mato Grosso Women's Rights rejected, in a statement, the signing of goalkeeper. According to the statement, “it is someone who has shown deep hatred and total disregard for women to deal with this cruel and barbaric what would be the mother of his child”.

The Women's Center Youth Worker Force also spoke. in a statement, said that “hiring accepting it smoothly is naturalized and condoning the oppression we fight. No Brasil, a woman is killed every two hours victim of violence”.

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