Three elections David Almeida has favorable decision on TRE-AM

Processes were related to supplementary elections 2017, Almeida when he served as governor of Amazonas.
24/01/2020 19h44 - Updated 25/01/2020 15h55

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By five votes to one, the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), decided, this Friday (24), favorably to former MP David Almeida, in three cases concerning the supplementary elections 2017, when he was governor of Amazonas. The Electoral Court considered unfounded two Electoral Judicial Research Actions (Aijes) and a representation that accused him of misconduct and abuse of political or economic power during the election that year, when David supported the candidacy of Rebecca Garcia.

The three cases were judged in block, sob a relatoria do desembargador Aristóteles Lima Thury. Ele considerou todas as acuações improcedentes. O seu voto foi acompanhado, completely, pelos desembargadores Abraham Peixoto Campos Filho, Marco Antônio Pinto da Costa, Giselle Falcone Medina Pascarelli Lopes e José Fernandes Júnior. A desembargadora Ana Paula Serizawa Silva, que suspendeu a votação em dezembro do ano passado com um pedido de vista, foi a única a seguir o voto do Ministério Público Eleitoral (MPE).

As acusações representadas nas duas Aijes – one written by the Regional Electoral Prosecutor of the Amazon and the other the former governor Amazonino Mendes -, and electoral representation of MPE, who began entering the agenda of the TRE-AM, last year, They have not held, according to defense, the lack of documentary and testimonial evidence.

"The defense has shown that, so that if there was a conviction about something that characterize abuse of political power and economic or, the prosecution should have presented robust evidence of such practices, what did not ", says the lawyer defending the speaker, Carolina Postigo.

Understand the case
Soon after David took over the government of Amazonas, interim, in 2017, near the supplementary electoral process that took place that year, state officials denounced the MPE "mass dismissal" for alleged electoral reason, which was not carried out. Soon after, the coalition of the then candidate to cap government Amazonino Mendes and electoral prosecutor accused the acting governor of use of the secretaries of state structures for the supplementary election campaign.

In electoral representation, according to defense, the Electoral Prosecutor, alleged conduct prohibited on an institutional publication, made in 2017, when David would have put a hashtag in the social network with your name, and thus would be promoted with public funds.

"The defense proved that the mandate of David Almeida, as interim governor of Amazonas, It was exercised correctly, and all decisions taken at that time was given in accordance with the current legislation ", says Postigo.

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