see video: Gospel singer and pastor is caught assaulting his own mother of 73 years

She classified the incident as a "minor incident" and blamed the elderly for fight.
21/01/2020 14h18 - Updated 22/01/2020 12h47

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The pastor and gospel singer Lucimara Pires, from 34 years, It was spotted hitting the own mother, from 73 years and the video viralizou in social networks. It was reported in the Civil Police Precinct Nova Andradina, in Mato Grosso do Sul, in last Saturday night's (18). The images were made by one of the victim's granddaughters who recorded the occurrence.

After repercussions of the case, Pastor spoke to the local press and have classified the fight as a "minor incident". Lucimara account that was called names and beaten by mother, who injured his mouth. no video, according to Pastor, she was only defending himself. The evangelical version is that her own husband, old son, He was responsible for the shooting.

"The mother of my husband is very upset, appearing abnormal uncontrolled, He assaulted me for no reason, with many insults. I had to answer it, without violence. There was no physical assault ", said. The images, However, show Lucimara holding the old arm, that did not have his identity revealed, while pushing the sofa.

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