see video: Old are attacked by crocodiles while trying to feed them

The attendant worked for over 40 years feeding the animals.
18/01/2020 17h37 - Updated 18/01/2020 17h37

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An impressive video, who rose to prominence this week on the Internet, shows a man being eaten alive by crocodiles in Ivory Coast. The attendant worked for over 40 year feeding the animals of Lake Yamoussoukro.

Over 70 years, Dicko Toke, It was used to enter the place where were the crocodiles to feed them and pose for photos with tourists.

The handler used to enter the site with a machete to pose for the clicks of the visitors and their work and importance for tourism had been recognized even by the former president of the country, Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

Dicko was attacked as he prepared to leave the stone where he used to throw food for reptiles. He tried to get rid of the bite of an animal when the largest and oldest crocodile lake attacked from behind. Dicko was brought into the lake and could not find the body. The death of Dicko, also known as “The old man” It was published throughout the press of the Ivory Coast and mourned by much of the population.

see video:

Source: Time Portal

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