Vice-president of one of Manacapuru cirandas arrested for rape

The victim is a teenager 15 years.
23/01/2020 18h28 - Updated 24/01/2020 13h26

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The research team from the Department of Specialized Police (DEP) Manacapuru, under the command of delegated, Roberta Merly, holder of the police unit, met on the afternoon of last Tuesday (21/01), por volta the 14:30, arrest warrant for rape vulnerable, on behalf of the vice president of one of the associations of sieve, that municipality, a man of 39 years. He spontaneously presented at the police station, accompanied by his lawyer. The victim is a teenager 15 years.

According to the police, The crime occurred on the night of 27 December 2019, por volta the 18:30. In this ocasion, the victim, through an instant messaging application, She met the man, that passed by a girl. The mentioned day, they arranged to meet in the shed of the club, located in Terra Preta neighborhood, in Manacapuru, distant city 68 kilometers straight from Manaus.

The delegate explained that, on crime, after finding teen, the man claimed to the victim who was father of the girl who was talking to her on the messaging application.

"He told the girl that his supposed daughter was coming on site, But the girl did not come. After threatening, he sexually abused the victim. After the crime, the victim talked about the abuse to her mother, who came to the police station to formalize the complaint. The court order on behalf of the offender was issued on 12 January this year, by Judge Silvana Correa Ferreira, the Manacapuru County ", disse Roberta Merly.

The man has been charged with rape of vulnerable. After the appropriate procedures, the man was taken to the police unit that incarceration, which is available to the Court.

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