Weintraub says new portal Sisu should generate savings of R $ 25 million over five years

A iniciativa também vai auxiliar na realização da versão digital do Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (one).
24/01/2020 12h00 - Updated 24/01/2020 12h00

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The new portal Unified Selection System (content) should generate savings of up to R $ 25 million to the federal government over the next five years. The assessment is the Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, for whom the initiative will also assist in carrying out the digital version of the National Examination of Secondary Education (one).

The application of the exam will be optional, and the initial estimate is 50 thousand participants, may reach 100 one thousand.

Released on Monday (21), the new portal has a responsive system which concentrates the information in the cloud, tecnologia que possibilita acessar arquivos e executar diferentes tarefas pela internet, sem a necessidade de instalar aplicativos no computador.

“Migrar para a nuvem é fundamental, ainda mais com o objetivo de fazer o Enem digital no futuro”, the minister said, em entrevista exibida hoje (24) pela TV Brasil.

"Last year, We spend R $ 2,5 millions [com o sistema] e neste ano vamos deixar de gastar R$ 15 millions. The next five years, vamos economizar R$ 25 millions. So, é uma economia muito expressiva, savings of R $ 2 millions, R$ 3 millions. já é uma escola a mais, uma creche a mais”, he added.

O novo portal permite acessar o Sisu pelo computador, phone or tablet directly and generate report page.

According to the minister, the extent possible to meet the demand subscription. "It was a right decision, as demand Sisu, in this year, It was much higher than in last year. The record per minute of access was 3,5 thousand and, in this year, went to 7 thousand accesses ", he said.

Weintraub also spoke about the slowness displayed by the system on Tuesday (21), when it started the registration period. According to the minister, instability was due to the large number of hits in a short time.

"People have all week to access the system, but everyone wants to access the system in the first minute, in the first moment. With this new technology, there is much response via cell phone access, Mobile and, thereby, people are using the phone more, which requires more capacity. The system had a fit, It generated a certain slowness in the first day, but no one was hurt ", disse Weintraub.

After the problem, the Ministry of Education decided to extend the entries in the Sisu until 23:59 Sunday (26), two days more than that stipulated in the announcement.

Statement released yesterday morning (23) shows that the folder 2.772.054 They had already been made.

“A gente está migrando cada vez mais para as mesmas abordagens que são feitas na iniciativa privada. É nuvem, são processos mais modernos. O objetivo é atender bem ao usuário, sabendo que, the private sector, quando há um pico de demanda como esse, também acontecem gargalos. Com a nuvem, conseguimos reagir rapidamente”, he said.

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