Youtuber admits to having forged the death of his girlfriend to win followers

Ele apagou todos os vídeos e admitiu que tudo era fake.
28/01/2020 19h12 - Updated 28/01/2020 19h12

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O youtuber Jason Ethier, better known as JayStation, He admitted to having invented the girlfriend of death as a way to make the web and solidarity, like this, multiply the number of subscribers on your mood channel, o Dream Team.

Last week, JayStation posted a video on an account he shared with Alexia Marano in which he says, in tears, his girlfriend dead outside hit by a drunk driver.

“I never wanted to make a video like this, but last night we lose Alexia to a drunk driver, folks. She's gone. Sorry for crying. I know you will make fun of me for crying. It was too early”, said youtuber.

In another video, JayStation is seen “paying tribute” before a cross on the spot where his girlfriend was supposedly hit. The youtuber also claimed to have come into contact with the spirit of Alexia through a Ouija board.

Days later, JayStation deleted all videos. He admitted that it was all fake. More: according to Youtuber, the own girlfriend helped produce the videos from your “death”.

Recently. JayStation posted video in which his girlfriend left him. There are rumors that the reason is domestic violence. The last video posted on Dream Team, that has 336 thousand followers, It was four days ago. In him, Alexia submits her boyfriend to a loyalty test.

Source: Extra

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