'Academic General Vicar’ It is booed for criticizing Bolsonaro

The samba school exhibited a clown with presidential sash to Sapucai.
22/02/2020 18h20 - Updated 22/02/2020 18h20

Photo: reproduction

It was not just the Mancha Verde, from Sao Paulo, who used his story to criticize the management Bolsonaro. In Rio de Janeiro, the Academic General Vicar, Series A, It took a clown wearing the presidential sash to Sapucai.

The sculpture still made the gesture of a gun with hands. When passing by sectors 2 e 3, the car was booed. In another wing, revelers carried banners with the words Education, Culture, Health and Democracy.

On the social networks, some netizens criticized the school's attitude in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Some users have accused the Academic General Vicar of wanting seal and declared support for the reelection of President.

Source: Pleno.News

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