Ratchet action avoids assault on the line passengers 356

With them, foram apreendidos uma arma de fabricação caseira, calibre 28, one firearm simulation pistol and a caliber ammunition 28 intact.
16/02/2020 13h23 - Updated 17/02/2020 12h53

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In a quick action prevented an assault passengers, driver and conductor of the public bus line 356, during the "Action Ratchet", military police of the 18th and the 26th Company Interactive Community (IDPF) They were applauded after arresting four suspects with guns on the avenue Torquato Tapajós, near the Hospital Delphina Aziz, north of the capital. With them, police seized a homemade gun, calibre 28, one firearm simulation pistol and a caliber ammunition 28 intact.

The officers who attended the event said, around 20.30, They were triggered by 190 to check one theft situation, and immediately moved to the location. When they reached the bus stop, They were informed that the suspects had boarded the collective line 356. Immediately thereafter, police began searches and then viewed the collective.

Committee monitors, approach and personal journal, police identified four suspects, still they tried to hide among the passengers. With them, seized weapons and some personal belongings of passengers. In collective output, women, young men and applauded and thanked the rapid police work.

In a video that viralizou on social networks, the passengers, still very nervous, applaud and thank the officers who acted quickly and managed to prevent the action of the suspects.

"I want to thank first God to rid us of this assault and the rapid police work that could prevent the worst from happening. They were very nervous, and at any time could shoot one of us here on the bus, but the police did a great job ", said one passenger who declined to be identified.

In front of facts, He was given under arrest suspects, they were brought to the 14th District Integrated Police (DIP) for legal proceedings.

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