After being associated with recreation of union dues, Marcelo Ramos gets angry and shoots: “assholes”

Messages disseminated on the Internet report that he is the author of a project to recreate the tax.
14/02/2020 19h58 - Updated 15/02/2020 15h29

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Congressman Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM) used social networks on Friday (14) to express outrage at what he described as “News fake jerks” referring to messages disseminated on the Internet stating that he is the author of a bill to rebuild the union dues, extinct in the last Labor government reform.

“I have so much important thing in Brazil and the Amazon to take care that bothers me having to stop to answer fake news of jerks and finding people to pass without at least take care to confirm the information from reliable sources. that said, Return the assholes to their insignificance and follow focusing my energies to approve the PEC of Appeal”, he wrote.

The parliamentarian also reposted a tweet on his speaking on the issue of union dues. “There is no chance of re-creation tax!I am against the tax!”, stated.

According to the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo, in October last year, Marcelo collected signatures for a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to restructure union activity in the country and intended to end the so-called "union card", document issued by the former Ministry of Labor (now under the Ministry of Economy) which entitled to the collection of union dues and was fraud object investigated by the Federal Police.

The text was written by Marcelo with the participation of the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and the main unions of workers and employers in Brazil.

“The PEC was a reaction to the labor reform made in the government that Michel Temer, Among other things, It ended with the corresponding union dues to a day's wages for each employee per year. The end of the contribution resulted in loss of revenue to 80% the bodies of workers”, says passage of matter from Estadão.

I have so much important thing in Brazil and the Amazon to take care that bothers me having to stop to answer the fake news…

posted by Marcelo Ramos amFriday, 14. February 2020

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