Killer who decapitated baby eight months is sentenced to execution with head shot

The child had 46 wounds in the body and was killed with a kitchen knife.
04/02/2020 18h59 - Updated 4/02/2020 18h59

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Viktar Syarhel, from 48 years, waived its right to seek clemency from the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Thereby, the man who killed and beheaded the girl Hanna, eight months, It will be executed with a shot in the back of the head.

Beyond, the mother of the baby, Nataliya Kolb, from 26 years, faces 25 years in prison. Ela e Viktar, who is a friend of the family, They were drinking in her apartment when they killed the girl.

The child had 46 wounds in the body and was killed with a kitchen knife. The court responsible for trying the case ruled that the murder was committed with "particular cruelty".

O marido de Nataliya, Leonid, from 28 years, He came across the decapitated daughter and a pool of blood. He arrived at the house with the other children of the couple.

By law the country, only men can receive the death penalty. Belarus is the last country in Europe still imposing the loss of life for serious crimes.

The death penalty method adopted in the country is similar to that used in the former Soviet Union, in Stalin times.

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