Desparecido baby may have fallen into the river or lost in the woods, says Civil Police

Delegate dismissed possibility the boy was kidnapped by people in a black car.
13/02/2020 17h44 - Updated 14/02/2020 12h30

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The baby, Erlon Gabriel Dias Costa, from 2 years, who has been missing since last Thursday (6/02), You may have fallen into a river that is near your home or have been lost in a forest area. Information is delegated Joyce Coelho, holder of Police Protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc), that during a press conference on Thursday (13), ruled the boy was kidnapped by people in a black car.

The child's mother, Maria Dias, 33, He believes that the boy was kidnapped as she put laundry. The case was registered in DEPCA. Searches were made in the region. Maria said she was preparing lunch and son playing in the yard, as usual. She suspects that a black car that passed the site, He stopped and occupants took the boy.

The delegate said the case is complex and there are not many advances in research. She also said that differences between child family testimonials can be hindering the resolution of the case. "Searches will be conducted through the area with specialized teams. No information can be discarded ", said.

Joyce also asked to continue spreading the image of the child and who has information trigger the police through number 181.

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