Bitch Fiona police help in searches by Erlon Gabriel boy is desparecido in Manaus

Police believe the child may be in the woods or near a stream in União da Vitória community, Tarumã-Açu neighborhood.
14/02/2020 18h55 - Updated 15/02/2020 15h29

Photo: Press Release / Civil Police

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Accompanied by the holder of the Specialized Police for Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc), delegated Joyce Coelho, the military police of the Company Independent Policing with Dogs (CIPCães), along with the dog Fiona, conducted, on the morning of Friday (14/02), another scan in an area of ​​forest and stream in União da Vitória community, Tarumã-Açu neighborhood, area west of the capital, in an attempt to find the boy's body Erlon Gabriel, only two years old, which it is disappeared from or last day 6.

With the aid of dog Fiona, which is trained and prepared to perform searches the bodies in an advanced state of decomposition, police spent more than four hours going through difficult areas. "This is the second time we are here to assist in searches and today we will start from the point we stopped on Tuesday (10/02). The site is difficult to access, with this stream and many waterlogged areas, but let's move on until we find some clue or even maybe the child's body ", said Lt. Alfonso, the CIPCães.

The lieutenant said, although already it has passed eight days of the disappearance and following the civil police investigation line, pointing out that the child may be in the woods or near the creek, there is the possibility of it being found. "If the investigations of civil police indicate that the child may be here, we will find, Fiona as our dog is very well prepared for this type of search. That is why, we will continue performing the scan in the area ", concluded.

At the beginning of searches, even in the rain, in a forest area located to the child's residence funds, officers found a small hole with beaten earth and clay. They decided to dig and found pieces of old clothes buried, but they were not the missing child.

The delegate Joyce reported that there are some contradictions in the child's mother's testimony, which hampered investigations, but that no hypothesis is discarded. "She has told us many stories and, unfortunately, this complicates our work a little, but we can not rule out any hypothesis, is sequestration, disappearance, etc. We are conducting these searches because there are people who saw the child playing alone in front of house, then we can work with this hypothesis she had fallen in the creek ", said.

unattended, Mary of Sorrows, mother of small Erlon, that accompanied the searches all morning, He said he still has hopes of finding the child alive and asked people not to go hazing. "I know they are here to find the body of my son, but it's not the news I want to receive, I hope to find my son alive and this nightmare end. I wanted to ask people to abide by calling pass hazing, it is a heart of a mother who is here, afflicted, feeling the lack of a child ", stated.

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