baby case had a fractured arm for medical malpractice in ICAM will be taken to MPE

Segundo a mãe da criança, ela só descobriu a fratura no braço de seu filho, que é especial, depois de ter visto o roxo e o inchado.
20/02/2020 19h34 - Updated 20/02/2020 19h34

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In Tribune Amazon Legislature (hazard), on the morning of Thursday (20), the Dermilson Chagas deputy (no party) He said it will take the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE), If the baby Carlos César Martins da Costa, who had his arm fractured by medical malpractice professionals who are part of the company Manaós, the Health Institute of the Amazon Child (ICAM).

The exposed by the parliamentary case was denounced by own Carlos's mother, Daywana Costa who in his account, said he discovered the broken arm of his son after seeing purple and swollen. "My boy is special and is on ICAM six months treatment. And earlier this month, he presented a swelling problem in his little body, that in a few days disappeared. however, his arm swollen continued. I asked the doctor why and he was checking, but, did not answer me. When on Friday, day 14, a nurse who had just come back from vacation, He saw his little arm and decided to take him to carry out the examination x-ray. Not result, it was found that the arm is even fractured ", reported

Then, Daywana informed the professional and the director of ICAM, on the situation. "I asked how it happened and why it happened, but no one knew me informed. Just got to resolve the situation to my son. But so far nothing ", said.

The case of Carlos was discovered after the State Department of Health (Sesame), by means of an injunction it replaced the Professional Institute of the Amazon Intensivists Nurses (Yeti) by the company Manaós Health, which had already been denounced by the deputy Dermilson not get qualified professionals to work in the 39 Intensive Care Units (UTIs) of State. "Company changed, It got worse, when it was the old, My son was treated well and clean. Now with the other, My son lives bloodstained, with the bag full of feces and pee. Now his arm is broken. Only a mother knows the pain I feel to see my child suffer for lack of responsibility of people who are not giving the minimum. I accept losing my son to God, but I do not accept to lose by negligence ", ponderou Daywana.

Charles' mother, also claimed the government of Amazonas, provisions on health and particularly in relation to your child that today is with fractured arm. "I want my rights guaranteeing, because, for me it is very difficult to see him suffering in this situation. I want measures ".

Dermilson said it will take the case to prosecutors to investigate and punish those responsible for the pain of Carlos and his mother Daywana. "It is not more neglect, It is already above it all. We can not close our eyes to what is happening in the Amazon, with disregard and disrespect. The governor needs to remove a director of ICAM and the Secretary of Health. Because, several errors are happening in their management and no solution is taken ".

Dermilson still considered critical to the Amazonas government. "The misrule of Wilson Lima is causing pain and suffering to the lowliest who need the public health service. There is a widespread chaos in the health and we are seeing no remedy for healing ", said the parliamentary. "I charge day and night by steps the government must take to end this problem, but so far nothing. How long will we experience it?”, He warned Rep.

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