MEP says coarienses waited years for the return of Adail Pinheiro

In election year, former mayor had apotheosis reception entitled to a big motorcade in the city.
17/02/2020 17h31 - Updated 17/02/2020 17h33

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In social networks Ms Mayara Pinheiro (progressives) He commented the apotheosis return of his father, the former mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro, convicted of commanding a millionaire scheme of fraud in procurement and public resources deviations City Hall, the municipality (distant 363 kilometers from Manaus) no last Saturday (15).

According to the parliamentary his father was warmly received by coarienses, who have long waited for this moment in one day classified by it as history. There are about seven years the policy had not set foot in the city. Congressman Atila Lins, Chairman of the Progressive Party which houses the Pinheiro family honored the return Adail.

Both the current mayor, Adaizinho, as your Adail Pinheiro father have been arrested accused of corruption in charge of the city. After being elected deputy mayor of the municipality, Mayara Pinheiro, It could be the most voted state deputy after a multimillion-dollar campaign.

Bread and Circus
The party Adail Pinheiro return had fireworks, a large convoy on the main streets of the city, inaugurations, delivery of gifts, besides spreading hugs and promises that voters inebriated.

Former mayor Adail Pinheiro was entitled to a climactic reception, with motorcade, fireworks and celebration on Saturday (15) in Coari, after about seven years away from the city.

posted by AM POST on Monday, 17. February 2020

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