in Eirunepé, Man arrested for stabbing youth suspected of assaulting and stealing her daughter 10 years

The father, in possession of a knife, foi tomar satisfação com o rapaz e o atacou.
14/02/2020 18h42 - Updated 14/02/2020 18h42

Photo: Press Release / Civil Police

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Alciney Silva dos Santos, known as "Jabar", from 33 years, He was arrested on Thursday (13/02) during a police operation in the city of Eirunepé (distant 1.160 kilometers straight from the capital). The man tried to kill a young man suspected of assaulting and stealing his daughter, a child 10 years.

According to the investigator Gonzaga Junior, Manager of Interactive Police Precinct (DIP) Eirunepe, Alciney on public streets, in the neighborhood Our Lady of Perpetual Help, moments after trying on the life of a young man 21 years, that day, por volta the 11h, in the bridge marshland, the same prison neighborhood.

As the manager, the crime was motivated by aggression that the daughter of Alciney, a child 10 years, suffered by the victim, when I tried to steal the girl the amount of R $ 20. At the time of the crime, man struck three stab wounds on the victim, which was bailed and sent to a hospital unit in the region.

"The young man would have beaten the daughter of Alciney, when you stole the girl R $ 20, possibly, to use drugs. After learning of the situation, the father, in possession of a knife, He was taking satisfaction with the boy, occasion that struck the blows that struck. The man tried to escape from police, but he was arrested moments after the crime ", said Gonzaga Junior.

another case
that municipality, the young Vanilson Souza Costa, the "Pedigree", from 21 years, He was also arrested on the same date, at his residence, located in Beija-Flor set, San Jose neighborhood, for trying to kill a cousin of his wife, from 32 years, who arrived at the scene and spoke low words of the boy slang, that did not hold back and struck six knife strokes in women. The victim was rescued and taken to hospital in the area and the man was arrested in the same scene of the crime.

Alciney and Vanilson will answer for attempted murder of crime. At the end of the procedures applicable in the city police unit, they will remain in the incarceration of place to justice.

"The victims of the two cases are not in danger of death", said Gonzaga Junior manager.

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