Manaus schools conduct awareness campaign on the danger of the "Challenge of Undergrowth" proposed on the Internet

A brincadeira tem sido compartilhada em vídeos nas redes sociais e virou modinha entre os jovens.
14/02/2020 20h06 - Updated 14/02/2020 20h06

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Aware of the new education model that involves family and school, Manaus Prefecture initiated an awareness movement in public schools to alert parents and students about the dangers of the internet games, as the new "Challenge Undergrowth", who has appeared in videos shared on social networks. Even the game has not been recorded in 498 teaching units, serving more than 240 thousand students in the municipal, managers have implemented activities to strengthen the fight against violence in schools.

Responsible for education policy in Manaus, the City Department of Education (semed) puts into practice the ethical and moral commitment to prevent, fight, identify, welcome and care for children and adolescents of school units network. For this, sectors of the secretariat and schools perform a task force to prevent this bad joke continues not to be practiced in any of the municipal schools.

"For a quality education, We need to consider all factors contributing to cognitive development, physical and, inclusive, o social. That is why, the city is always attentive to the welfare of our students and is determine the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto who always seek to innovate in favor of a teaching process and full and effective learning. So, a thematic as this could not fail to be worked in our schools ", said the secretary of Semed, Katya Schweickardt.

The director of the Department of School Management (Dege), Marcionília Bessa, said Semed conducts orientation activities on violence and other topics in schools throughout the school year, but intensifies whenever a subject "viraliza" in society. according to her, the municipal network will use the same tools to fight this challenge. The director recalled, also, that family support is very important in these situations.

"The Semed been working the campaign to prevent and combat violence throughout the school year, involving bullying and cyberbullying and we realize that these new developments that come to young people take a very large. Thereby, we will use the same tool with a video to spread what is right, we will disclose the social networking and chat applications that encourage friendship, love, fellowship and to learn to differentiate what is joke and not something veiled in jest and that causes damage to health. In this process we need the support of family to talk to children and ensure that we do our part ", reported Marcíonilia.

Combating violence and other cross-cutting themes are worked in an interdisciplinary way and through complementary activities, that they are included in the pedagogical proposal and the school calendar Semed and are addressed through campaigns, seminars, offices, Wheel conversations, production of reflective texts and other educational activities.

The coordinator of the Shares for the Prevention and Combating Violations of Human Rights of Children and Adolescents Activities Management Complementary and Special Programs (Gacpe), Eliana Hayden, explained how will the role of Semed before this new challenge.

"The Semed does not allow any play on violent nature in the school setting, mainly, at this level that we are now being surprised, which can leave irreversible consequences on people's lives. We will intensify in the schools, with guidance for students, on this attitude and also inform you who will be held responsible practice, both student, as family ", said Eliana.

Just as there are people who have no idea of ​​the danger that the game can cause, Eloísa little Maria dos Santos Abrante, 10, 5th year, student at the municipal school Sérgio Person, in the neighborhood Presidente Vargas, Centro-Sul, He said he knows the game, think very wrong and never participate in such action. "This is not a joke, I knew that a person is dead, I've seen to a video made with an old and she hit her head on the floor. I never would play it, It is very dangerous and I think that no one should do this with your friends, because a person can die ", advised Eloisa.

The guides Semed that schools and families put into practice the terms of the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA) "It is the duty of all ensure the dignity of children and adolescents, putting them safe from any inhuman, violent, terrifying, vexatious or embarrassing, that is, outside the family, It has taken an important and expanded role to the entire society ".

Children, teenagers and even adults have participated in the "Challenge of Undergrowth". Just kidding", two people are positioned next to a colleague to, which is oriented to jump and, So, receives a creeping. The person ends up falling and hitting his head on the floor, which can cause damage to the skull, in the brain, column and lead to death.

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