Guaidó denounces uncle disappearance after returning to the country

He informed that the disappearance had happened during turmoil on landing in Caracas.
12/02/2020 08h55 - Updated 12/02/2020 08h55

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Agency EFE

Juan José Márquez, leader of the Venezuelan opposition uncle Juan Guaidó, He disappeared on Tuesday (11), shortly after landing in Caracas with his nephew and after being intercepted by the customs authorities, He denounced the political team.

- Denounce or desaparecimento of Juan José Márquez, uncle of President (in charge) Juan Guaidó, who accompanied the president on the plane on arrival to Venezuela - said on Twitter the National Communications Center (CNC) of Guaidó.

Besides that, also blamed President Nicolas Maduro and the security director of the International Maiquetía Airport, Franco Quintero, "By their physical integrity". The message of the self-proclaimed president team also requires the release of Juan José. currently, but of 50 countries recognize as interim president of Venezuela.

The note says that Márquez was accompanying Guaidó on his return to Venezuela after an international travel 23 days.

- After passing through immigration normally, and being about to leave, and, Márquez was hired for a review of the alleged Seniat (National Integrated Service of Customs and Tax Administration) - added information.

After passing through immigration controls, Guaidó was the arrivals hall of the airport Maiquetía, that serve Caracas, where about 200 Chavismo supporters awaited him and insulted him until he could get to his vehicle and leave the place.

- Taking advantage of the chaos at the airport caused by the violence of the dictatorship, they held Mr. Márquez - added the CNC message on Twitter.

Finally, they explained that several "family members reported that he contacted the" and said the officials Seniat "only required him to sign some papers to get out".

- From now on, never be heard from again. We denounce the forced disappearance and we demand their release - concluded.

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