Havan open selection of jobs in Manaus; check it

Learn how to compete for the selection process to integrate the company's future workforce in Manaus.
17/02/2020 18h38 - Updated 18/02/2020 09h54

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The multilojas network Havan announced the opening of selection for hiring thousand workers to integrate the company's future workforce in Manaus. Late last year the company owner, Luciano Hang, announced that it will open in 2020 four stores in the capital of Amazonas.

Register at Havan the talent pool can be done through the Internet. To compete vacancies, the candidate should follow the following step by step: access the official address of Havan [clicking here], then immediately click the option 'shops to be opened', then click on the option 'Manaus’ and ultimately the curriculum filling field.

There is still no date for when the stores will be opened, nor was specified what are the positions that will occupy the new employees. This provided that the stores are in Ponta Negra, West zone; Towers and Shopping Via Avenue North, located on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, both in the north.

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