accused of playing man child in Rio Negro goes to jury

The case occurred in August 2015, after a fight between Josias Alves de Oliveira and the child's mother.
17/02/2020 17h39 - Updated 18/02/2020 09h54

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The judgment of the Board of the 1st jury of the Court of Manaus County judge, this Wednesday (19), Criminal Action No. 232563-53.2015.8.04.0001, whose defendant Josiah Alves de Oliveira, accused of playing the son of, So, 4 months, no Rio Black. The child died and the fact occurred after a fight between the child's parents.

The popular trial session will be chaired by an elected judge of the 1st jury Stick, Celso de Paula Souza, and is scheduled to start at 9 am, in the main plenary session of the Forum Minister Henoch Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, area on.

Oliveira Alves Josiah will take his defense lawyer Josemar Berçot Junior, with the Public State Ministry (MPE-AM) It is represented by the Justice José Augusto Taveira Junior Reed promoter.

The session will feature the testimony of five witnesses identified by prosecutors and two of the Judgment of the 1st jury of the Court of Manaus County.

Josias Alves de Oliveira is accused of playing the son of four months, Pablo Pietro, no river Black, After a fight with the child's mother, Cleudes Maria Batista, in August 2015. The couple had argued because of the payment of alimony.

Josiah is accused of skilled triple murder - the death of the child - in accordance with art. 121, 2º, I (awkward reason); III (through cruel); IV (feature that prevented the defense of the victim), combined with art. 61, II, ‘e’ (against downward) e ‘h’ (against children), the Brazilian Penal Code.

The defendant is accused, also, by fivefold degree murder trial - for the former partner - having been framed in art. 121, 2º, I (awkward reason); III (suffocation); IV (resources which hampered the defense); WE (femicide); combined with Art. 14, II, All of the Brazilian Penal Code.

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