Joshua Neto uses fable to explain the moment: “The noise of those who only know crack will disappear”

Mr posted a reflection on Friday (28) and he said the story explains very well the moment she is going through.
28/02/2020 17h38 - Updated 29/02/2020 17h17

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The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr Joshua Neto (no party), posted on Friday on their social networks the fable of "aviator and mouse" and said the story explains well the moment she is going through.

“The fable 'airman and mouse’ It explains very well the moment for which I am passing. The plane that the pilot JN hold in your hands, how it is being conducted and mice… ah! Rats appear every day but mancho is directed so that we can fly higher and higher. With faith, hope, help of God and the people, the noise of those who only know crack will disappear”, He wrote Joshua Neto.

In video posted by deputy, the accordionist, singer and composer from Ceará, Waldonys, tells the story of his flight bolder and was surprised by a mouse that crumbled one of the most important airline connections placing the flier in a delicate situation. As a solution to annihilate the intruder, the driver lifted a tall flight.

“If you feel threatened fly higher and higher. If someone tries to destroy you out of envy, injustice fly higher and higher. Do you know why? the unjust, envious are equal to rats, They do not stand up to high altitudes”, said the singer as moral of the story.

The deputy managed, no dia 10 of February, consensus about its disaffiliation from the PSD after catching clash with Senator Omar Aziz, state president of Legend, and came to announce tie would not be a candidate for mayor of Manaus in the elections this year. after all, with dialogue and humility parliamentary got out of Acronym through the front door.

now Joshua, He has supported President Jair Bolsonaro, with whom he has forged close links since last December when Bolsonaro was in Manaus and praised the attitude of Joshua in the events in which he was, including the 1st Fair Sustainability Industrial Pole of Manaus (FesPIM).

The deputy was essential for the Amazon could sufficient number of signatures needed for party creation of President Bolsonaro, Alliance For Brazil, which plans to launch his candidacy, However, the legend is ruled out of elections 2020 by the members because it was not officially created.

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