Young man who was missing in Manipur is found unconscious on the road

disappearance of the circumstances are being investigated.
14/02/2020 15h09 - Updated 15/02/2020 15h29

Photo: Press Release / Civil Police

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A teenager 15 years, who had been missing since the morning of Wednesday (12/02) It was found lying on the ground unconscious, Thursday afternoon (13/02), por volta the 16h, by a research team from the Department of Specialized Police (DEP) Humaita (distant city 590 kilometers straight from the capital). It would have been last seen, por volta the 11h, the site where you live, located at kilometer 12, Wonder community, rural municipality of Manipur, border Humaita.

According to the delegate Matheus Empress, holder of the police unit, at the time of disappearance, the teenager was with her family, doing work in place. After some time on site, the girl's mother realized she was no longer. The family asked neighbors to seek help in the areas of forest near the site, but not found and were to Humaita DEP headquarters record the occurrence.

"After the family formalize the police report (WILL), We left on steps looking teen. She disappeared in Manipur, but the area was very close to Humaita, for this reason the family drove to the DEP. With the help of residents, We perform search by region, and we have succeeded in finding it ", declared Empress.

Second or delegate, when that teenager was found, I was next to a road, lying on the ground unconscious. She showed no signs of violence. According to the holder of the DEP, the victim was sent to a hospital unit in Manipur, the state of her health is stable. disappearance of the circumstances are being investigated.

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