Maduro accuses Bolsonaro drag to Brazil “armed conflict” against a Venezuela

He made the statement to remember that Brazil gave shelter to dissidents linked to military barracks attack Venezuela.
15/02/2020 16h02 - Updated 15/02/2020 16h02

Photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Archive Agency Brazil

By Agence France Presse

President Nicolas Maduro accused, this Friday (14), Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to drag Brazil to a “armed conflict” against a Venezuela, what it used to justify military exercises to be held over the weekend.

“Bolsonaro is dragging the military forces of Brazil to an armed conflict against Venezuela, to support a group of terrorists who attacked a Venezuelan military barracks”, Maduro said the international press.
Maduro referred to the assault military deserters against a detachment of the Venezuelan Armed Force in the state Bolivar (on the, on the border with Brazil) in 22 from December.

In this ocasion, an agent died and guns and rocket launchers have been stolen. Six soldiers were arrested and five asked for refuge in Brazil.

Maduro said Bolsonaro, who tacked to “fascist”, “It is behind the terrorist threats against Venezuela, although the Brazilian military did not lend themselves to this”.

“There are terrorists in Brazil preparing military attacks and incursions against Venezuela. And we have the right to prepare”, he added, thus justifying the planned exercises for Saturday and Sunday.
The Venezuelan government had previously accused of harboring Brazil “terrorists”.

The Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry said “does not comment on statements by the illegitimate government of Venezuela”.

According to the Venezuelan, 2,3 million combatants of the Bolivarian Armed Forces and Militia – civil body that currently integrates the military structure – They will be mobilized in “Exercise Shield Bolivarian 2020”.

“We are mobilizing all systems of surface-to-air, down to earth, rocket systems, all forms of anti-aircraft defense, air, land, Throughout the national territory, to prepare, to defend the right to peace, territorial integrity”, detailed.

Brazil is one of the 50 countries they consider illegitimate the second Maduro mandate and recognize the opponent Juan Guaidó as interim trustee.

The Chavista leader reiterated his request to Donald Trump not to be “trick” by “Hawks” and the Venezuelan opposition, days after the president receive Guaidó with head of state honors and promise you “crush tyranny” Maduro.

The meeting with Trump was the climax of an international tour Guaidó, who left the country bypassing a court ban.

“On the day that the courts of the Republic give the order to arrest Juan Guaidó for all crimes he committed, he will go to prison. This day has not arrived, but come”, Maduro warned.

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