Woman dies after being thrown in motorcycle accident in Adrianopolis neighborhood

Driver who had caused the accident was arrested and taken to a police station.
11/02/2020 11h45 - Updated 11/02/2020 16h50

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AM POST Writing

A woman, Vieira identified as Silene, from 24 years, He died after being thrown from a motorcycle accident during car, on Monday night (10), in Maceio Avenue, Adrianople neighborhood, South-Central Zone of Manaus.

Witnesses reported that the woman was with her husband in the vehicle when a car, Fiat model Mobi, high speed cut the couple. Silene was thrown and died instantly, her husband had several injuries and was taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room (HPS) 28 August for medical care.

The car driver was arrested and taken to a police station to answer for the crime. There is no updated information about her husband's health status.

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