Omar promises to handle projects of the Federal Government in the Senate while CAE decree on IPI concentrates is maintained

Decree, increased the rate of IPI 4% for 8% e põe em risco o Polo Industrial da Zona Franca de Manaus (ZFM).
24/02/2020 18h52 - Updated 24/02/2020 18h52

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Or Senator, Omar Aziz (PSD), chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee (FALLS OFF) said bar you want guidelines that form of interest to the federal government while it remains on the decree on the IPI concentrates signed by President Jair Bolsonaro that endangers the Industrial Pole of Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM).

"What is the government's interest will not pass. There is no other form of government in hearing. We have tried several conversations. I as chairman of an important committee of the Senate, I am obliged to take the side of my state ", said Senator to journalist Rosiene Carvalho blog.

Or decree, valid for six months, increased the rate of IPI 4% for 8%. The signature generated unease over the Manaus Free Zone as it is the main economic model in the region. Second Omar Polo Concentrates or liable for 10% the revenues of ZFM and risky this decision calls into question the decision he may have with the other hubs.

"No please do not. It is the obligation. Unlike other people who take charge of the Federal Government here and are against the Amazon ", He completed the political.

CAE is of utmost importance to the economy minister Paulo Guedes, for all matters of interest to him pass by the Commission.

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