Teacher is caught red-handed with more than 300 porn videos of students

Now, Researchers want to know whether the pornography was marketed.
19/02/2020 19h18 - Updated 19/02/2020 19h18

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Civil Police Research points out that Professor Ivan Secco Falsztyn, from 54 years, He made over 300 Videos of students from St. Nicholas School, in Pinheiros, west of Sao Paulo. Arrested at the scene on suspicion of producing and storing pornography, it had the preventive arrest by the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) in custody hearing on Wednesday, 19.

Responsible for conducting research, delegated Ivalda Aleixo, divisional of the Bureau of s, says Falsztyn confessed drug use boxes, with holes, to hide a digital camera and so filming intimate parts of students during classes in History and Theater. Now, Researchers want to know whether the pornography was sold - what Falsztyn have denied during questioning.

"School Only, it calculates it has more than 300 videos", says Ivalda, which estimates at least 200 hours of illegal material. Images obtained by the police vary in duration: there are videos of a few minutes and also of entire classes recordings, more 1h30. The exposed victims in the videos would have between 10 e 17 years, second delegated.

The police found some of the material after serving search warrant and seizure in the teacher's home, Also in Pinheiros, on Tuesday morning, 18. nonlocal, agents seized computers, HDs, pendrives, CDs, plus a digital camera.

Some of the images went through initial analysis of the civil police and was also sent for examination to reports. According to research, Falsztyn used a personal computer to store the material. He, However, claims that erased the videos - which is why the police will also try to recover possibly deleted images.

on Wednesday, a St. Nicholas School issued a statement stating that the teacher is "definitely away from the teaching staff". Not communicated, the institution states that "feels surprised by events since - as well as other - adopts procedures and judicious practices in the hiring of its employees" and you want to "review its internal processes and assess its possible shortcomings".

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