Environmental responsibility is no chat!

Cerca de oito bilhões de seres humanos utilizando diariamente os recursos naturais da Terra, It seems quite reasonable that the world may collapse at any time.
24/02/2020 18h32 - Updated 24/02/2020 18h32

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By Cristina Monte

Did you know that half of the Gross Domestic Product (START) world depends on nature and biodiversity? I did not know, and this statement, do Relatório The New Nature Economy Report, It made me wonder how we are increasingly capital hostage. So I wonder how we are building (or destroying) our planet?! And this analysis - even surface - includes about eight billion people using the Earth's natural resources daily, It seems quite reasonable that the world may collapse at any time!

Corporate responsibility
But, back a little into the past, Gone there by the decade of 90 It emerged in the corporate sector of Social and Environmental Responsibility, just as a strategy of the head of the companies to minimize the impacts caused by the inappropriate use of natural resources, give transparency to relations with stakeholders and stimulate business ethics!

helped – Also to this end awareness – some environmental disasters that have become true scandal and put the industries in tight skirt. Then it became fashionable for such "Environmental Responsibility Manuals" and the community aspect seemed to go beyond the walls of offices and industries. Will we move much back and forth?

natural and financial resources
Natural resources are closely linked to economic activities and, what, therefore, generate profit that capitalism increasingly wild, and as we already know: in this concrete jungle boss is the money! however, nevertheless climate change, for example, They have left the hair standing rulers, what has made the situation change, because we're feeling on the skin the imbalance of the planet! Even the world's governments are waking up to the importance of environmental preservation, let's look at the discussions in the Economic Forum in Davos, where the environment was the central star.

With open eyes
Of course, investors seek profitable business, but – linked to this – They want to put the resources into serious business and committed to environmental issues. A new generation - much more aware and cool - is consuming less and more wisely! These people speak of "sustainable consumption", recycling, read labels masterfully and refuses to buy products that cause environmental impacts. It's a new market overview!

It is necessary that companies rethink well their social and environmental responsibility actions and wonder about the price that the environment is paying at the expense of their profits! No environmental, without industry. Enough of Brumadinho!


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