Senators Roraima charge actions of the federal government to curb violence caused by Venezuelans in Pacaraima

Para eles a Lei de Migração “é muito flexível” e deve sofrer modificações para se adequar à realidade vivida pelo estado.
14/02/2020 15h57 - Updated 14/02/2020 15h57

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The Roraima bench in the Senate demanded this week, in plenary, actions of the federal government in controlling the violence and conflicts caused by the entry of thousands of Venezuelan immigrants in the state, the municipality of Pacaraima, which borders Venezuela. Senators Chico Rodrigues (DEM RR), Mecias Jesus (Republicans-RR) and Telmario Mota (Pros-RR) criticaram a Lei de Migração (lei 13.445, from 2017) and called attention to the city, which has no structure or resources to house refugees.

According to Mota Telmario, Pacaraima is "at war" due to the considerable increase in the number of thefts, robbery and murder, resulting from the political crisis experienced by the neighboring country.

- Roraima is at rock bottom. It is a hospitable people, It is a people friend, welcoming, but has no more to do, because every day brings thousands upon thousands of people - said Telmario, further stating that the Law of Migration "is very flexible" and should be modified to suit the reality experienced by the state.

The Mecias Senator Jesus reported that Pacaraima houses, currently, near 100 thousand Venezuelans, which increases the precarious security, health and education and generates revolt of the local population. The MP cited the brutal rape of a teenager 15 years, resident Pacaraima, which generated a series of protests from the local population, reprimanded disproportionately by security forces. The murder suspect is also from Venezuela.

By charging attention to the state, Mecias Jesus said that the people of Pacaraima was manifested to say that is also part of Brazil.

- If Brazil does not see us, do not sees, us we shall make the whole Brazil has us as Brazilians, because we are Brazilians. And we are good Brazilian - scored.

Mecias stressed that the Roraima want the right to have a peaceful city safely, quality education and health.

According Chico Rodrigues, the number of immigrants is inaccurate, because the federal and state governments and the supervisory and control bodies do not have the actual record of the amount of Venezuelan residents in Roraima.

- These Venezuelan refugees, that they are herded by the need, the political problem that exists in Venezuela, They will be accommodating in any way in our state and then problems arise, crises multiply, the population is frightened, culminating, this last weekend, with a defense very serious problem practiced by our people - said.

Chico Rodrigues also stressed the Venezuelan representation in the prison population of Roraima. He said are about 2,4 thousand inmates in state prisons, It is over 350 refugees.

- It's not because they were doing a charity, not because they were helping the population. They are there because they committed crimes of the different levels - concluded.

Business Mourao
In his speech, Chico Rodrigues said he hoped the visit to the state of the vice-president, Hamilton General Mourao, decrease, with government actions, the "undesired presence of Venezuelan". Mourao traveled to Roraima on Wednesday (12) for a meeting of Operation Safe Haven.

In his Twitter, Mourao said to have accompanied the performance of the Brazilian Army in serving immigrants. "Are 13 coats, that serve as temporary homes to those affected by the crisis in Venezuela, among them Rondon Shelter 3, I visited today ", posted Vice President.

operation Safe Haven
The Operation Safe Haven began in March 2018 with the aim of supporting personnel, installations and the organization of activities necessary to host people in vulnerable situations, due to the migration to the state of Roraima, according to the website of the Brazilian Air Force.

Humanitarian action is the first developed by Brazil in Portugal. Fact criticized by Senator Telmario Mota, defending Brazilian support within the Venezuelan territory, as was done with Haiti.

- The reception of the Brazilian Army has excellence, It is praised by all. But it is impossible, why, every day, are thousands and thousands that are coming. And the worst: among these people, offenders are coming - said the parliamentarian.

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