civil servant arrested for molesting former stepdaughter 12 years, in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro

Council safeguard was triggered by a victim of school teacher, he noticed strange behavior and depressed girl.
28/02/2020 18h12 - Updated 28/02/2020 18h12

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A public servant, 39 years, resident of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (distant 630 kilometers straight from the capital) He was arrested on Friday (28/02) for sexually abusing former stepdaughter, a teenager 12 years. The offender was arrested in Manaus, in the New Town neighborhood, north of the capital, by staff of the Bureau Specialized Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc).

According to the delegate Aldiney Nogueira, holder of the 76th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP), teen suffered sexual abuse by former stepfather since she was 7 years. The individual practicing sexual abuse when the victim's mother left for work, and he was alone with the girl.

According to the police authority, a victim of school teacher, that municipality, after identifying the strange behavior and depressed girl, triggered the guardian council of the place. In conversation with a psychologist, teen reported the abuse suffered by former companion of her mother. In this ocasion, the Social Assistance Reference Center (tomorrow) notified the situation to the police unit.

as Nogueira, the investigations into the case began in November 2019, and it was subsequently requested the request for provisional arrest of the offender. on this occasion, the server became aware that he was being investigated and requested transfer Santa Isabel work of Rio Negro to Manaus.

"As soon as we were notified by Cras on crime, started research work in order to make the law be fulfilled. Inside occur many cases of sexual violence, and our team has noted that victims are increasingly encouraged when carrying out the complaints ", said the delegate Nogueira.

The police authorities reported that, after learning of the case, a young 24 years attended the police station in the area to inform you that, when he was 13 years and frequented the house of civil servants, It had also been sexually abused by him. The teenager's mother 12 years, upon learning of the sexual abuse by former teammate against his stepdaughter, It separated from the offender and moved the city.

Also according to the delegate, the preventive arrest warrant in the public server was issued on 18 February this year, by Judge Renata Tavares Costa Afonso Fonseca, the District of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro.

The man was charged with rape consummated. Following the procedures applicable in the seat DEPCA, he will be taken to custody hearing, in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, south of the capital.

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