Video: Snake charmer dies after being attacked by a snake during presentation

Momento do ataque foi gravado por quem via a apresentação.
01/02/2020 12h28 - Updated 1/02/2020 12h28

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A snake charmer was killed after a king cobra bit him twice during a presentation to neighbors, Indonesia. The man, known as Norjani, He had held the snake for a week in a wooden house for medical use. However, He decided to show it to the audience and ended up being attacked by the animal. The information is the British newspaper Metro.

The timing of the attack was recorded by those who saw the presentation. in pictures, you can see Norjani holding the snake 5 meters in length. The animal pounces on the man's face, laughing and holding the head reptile.

More than two hours after the presentation, Norjani fell ill and was taken to hospital, where he received antivenin. However, the snake venom had spread throughout the body and, hours later, he was pronounced dead.

To avenge the death of Norjani, the family decided to kill the snake by cutting his head. An act that they believe would avenge any evil spirit.

The king cobra is found throughout South Asia and is one of the deadliest species of snake in the world. bite victims suffer swelling and redness around the wound, breathe in difficulty, vomiting and nausea, blurred vision, sweating and salivation and numbness in the face and limbs.

Who is bitten should try to remain motionless to decrease blood circulation and prevent the poison from spreading throughout the body. A tourniquet can also be used at the bite site to contain the flow of venom until the victim go to a hospital to receive antivenom. snake bites are responsible for thousands of deaths each year in Indonesia.

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