Wilson Lima receives from the Republic Vice President to discuss environment, ZFM and infrastructure in the AM

Governor also go to São Gabriel da Cachoeira invitation Morão, you will receive the title of Honorary Citizen of the city.
17/02/2020 17h49 - Updated 18/02/2020 09h54

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The governor Wilson Lima received on Monday (17/02), the seat of government, II lacks the, area west of the capital, Vice President of the Republic, Army General, Hamilton Mourão, to discuss environment, protection of the Manaus Free Zone, BR-319 and other infrastructure issues in the Amazon. The vice president called on the governor to visit the São Gabriel da Cachoeira (a 853 kilometers from Manaus), where Mourao receive the title of Honorary Citizen of the city on Tuesday (18/02).

"The vice president is going to meet all the governors to talk and address these issues in the Amazon Council. No next day 12 we'll have a meeting, the Meeting of Governors of the Amazon, in Belem, and of course it would be very interesting that he had our participating in this meeting where we do a re-evaluation of all these our strategies and how they are moving ", said Wilson Lima, who invited Hamilton Mourão for the event that will bring together the governors of the Amazonian states, in March, the capital of Pará.

At the meeting with the governor of Amazonas, Mourao tried to command and control actions, sustainable development, green economy, regulations Article 41 the Forest Code, land tenure and the zoning project economic-ecological region of the Purus.

"Today we presented for the Republic Vice President what we understand about strategic development for our region. Something that we had already discussed with the governors of the Consortium of Amazon, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, that is the question of land tenure, economic-ecological zoning, payment for environmental services and command and control. So these are basic guidelines so that we can move in this Amazon protection policy, but above all that we can move forward on this issue of sustainable development and protect the people who live here in the Amazon ", said Wilson Lima.

Mourao thanked receptivity and promised to give referrals as the demands presented. They even treated on BR-319 and the Manaus Free Zone.

"The issue of ports, airports, BR-319 that will greatly facilitate the lives of those who live in the state of Amazonas, not only to guarantee the right to come and go but the citizen, for example, to facilitate part by monitoring work of our agents of the Department of Environment and of course I made an appeal to the Vice President regarding the Zona Franca de Manaus and protection it should have with regard to tax reform approaching. I also made a request to him on the issue of ECI concentrates, he said he would intervene with the president for what we may have kept these 8% ", said the governor.

In the vice president's schedule is planned a visit to the Biotechnology Center of the Amazon and also travel to Sao Gabriel on Tuesday (18), where the Vice President will receive the title of Honorary Citizen of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. The governor Wilson Lima came with the vice president.

"I rely heavily in this joint capacity of Vice President, knowledgeable as Amazon, especially knowledgeable of the problems here the State of Amazonas and hopefully we can move forward in this increasingly environmental protection policy, in some guidelines that not long ago was believed, the issue of payment for environmental services, the issue of bio-economy we need to move forward. So, this dialogue is very important, this participation of governors opining these decisions, in the assembly that the Amazon Council strategy ", He concluded the governor.

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