Gang arrested for attempted robbery luxury condominium residence, in Ponta Negra

Violators climbed over the wall of the condo and raided a house.
26/03/2020 19h13 - Updated 26/03/2020 19h13

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The Civil Police of Amazonas flared late on Wednesday (25/03), and the morning of Thursday (26/03), action that resulted in arrests, in the act, Ebenael of Pinheiro Sousa, 50; Fabricio da Silva Sales, 26; Victor Hugo dos Santos Sousa, 20, and Williamar Fonseca de Oliveira, 28, for attempted robbery. The incident occurred last night (25/03), to a residence, located in a luxury condominium, in Ponta Negra neighborhood, west town.

The action, coordinated by the delegate-general, Emilia Ferraz, and the delegate Adriano Felix, holder of the 8th Integrated Police District (DIP), It was triggered by police officers stationed in the 4th West Sectional, 5º, 8º 20º dips, with operational support Special Forces Group members Rescue and Assault (will).

The crime
Violators climbed over the wall of the condo and broke into one of the residences. One of the residents of the house, realizing the criminal action, She managed to hide in one of the rooms Property, trigger the police and inform the condo residents, through a group messaging app, or crime.

"Since January of this year, since we've been investigating one of the individuals that is part of the group. After yesterday's crime, we can identify two other participants of the crime. We begin the steps surrounding the case. Just yesterday we managed to arrest Victor Hugo. The rest of the pack, after the crime, They passed over 15 hours in the forest waiting for the ransom and this morning, we can succeed in their prisons ", He explained the delegate Adriano Felix.

As Adriano Felix, the arrests began last night (25/03), por volta the 22h, with the interception of Victor Hugo, the avenue Tourism, Ponta Negra neighborhood. The rest of the gang was arrested early on Thursday, por volta the 9:40, on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, also in Ponta Negra neighborhood. During the action, with the group were seized two revolvers caliber 38 and ten ammunition of the same caliber intact.

To the outbreak of the action this morning, the Beast Group teams were activated to assist in the approach. "The Beast Group was activated from the intelligence we received of the teams that were in field. We knew the offenders were in a forest area and they would move to seize a vehicle for escape. He made it to the vehicle and make the approach without any collateral damage. It was a quick action, furtively and, although they are armed, our action was swift, without the band could have any kind of reaction ", said the delegate Juan Valério, coordinator of the Beast Group.

The delegate-general of the Amazon Civil Police, Emilia Ferraz, congratulated the teams that successfully unleashed the police action and said that, if you have other victims of the group, You can go to the DIP 8 to formalize the complaint.

"These offenders are acting for some time. They make several robberies in the region. If someone has been similar theft victim, with the same modus operandi, in the neighborhoods of the area west, that addresses the 8 DIP, and rest assured that the police are on the streets working to ensure the safety of the population ", said the delegate-general.

Emilia Ferraz strengthened, still, that all police units are operated normally and explained how the calls are being made to citizens. "We continue working and all DIPs are making calls. For the safety of the population, the Events Bulletins records (Forest), of non-emergency cases, They are being carried out by internet, through the website of the Bureau Interactive. But in cases that require urgent, severe cases, records must be made in person in the police units ", Ferraz explained.

Ebenael, Fabricio, Victor Hugo and Williamar were sued in the act of attempted qualified theft and criminal association. At the end of the procedures applicable, they will be forwarded to the Central
Receiving and Screening (CRT), located at Km 8 the federal highway BR-174, which will be made by videoconference custody hearing.

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